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Five ways to get the most out of your safari.

Make the most of your safari with these 5 pointsBe patient when looking for and watching wildlife. Be aware that the NatGeo and Attenborough wildlife documentaries were put together over some years and not a few days.Remember to pause and to listen and to use your...

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A four-night stay at nDzuti Safari Camp

A four-night stay at nDzuti Safari Camp Includes a day-trip into the Kruger National Park.   Our four-night package begins with lunch on arrival day and an afternoon/ evening game drive in open safari vehicle. Accommodation is either in luxury safari tents or in...

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Jupiter in June 2019

Our winter stargazing is truly spectacular, particularly after mid-winter and the solstice. Scorpio is rising, Orion is setting in the south and the magnificent milky way is almost on the meridian.With Scorpio stretched across the southern sky, the red giant Antares...

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